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Reliable partnership in Singapore

When it comes to working relationships, Wacker Neuson in Singapore and Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Private Limited (Kheng Sun) have a really strong and reliable one.

From left to right: Derrick Tee (Sales), Gavin Goh (Sales), Hafiz Mohamed (Service), Supandi Ahmed (Service), Max Tan (Sales), Lester (Service), Toh Yee Sian (Kheng Sun), Kam Wai Siong (Service) and William Soh (Sales)

Established in 1966, Kheng Sun started with the rental business of only one product and has grown over the years offering thousands of products ranging from concrete technology to compaction products to excavators.

During a short interview with Mr. Toh Yee Sian, the son of the founding company, he said “Becoming a sales partner was something new to us even though we have been in the rental business for light and compact construction equipment for 50 years. When we first started with Wacker Neuson in November 2013, they have been our one and only supplier.”

“When Wacker Neuson introduced their Compact excavators in the South East Asian region, Kheng Sun was one of the first who put their trust in Wacker Neuson. They purchased the product model EZ28 and EZ38. As the brand Wacker Neuson is quite young in the market, especially with compact machines like excavators and wheel loaders, The excavators EZ28 and EZ38 mainly convince with their compact dimensions mainly caused by the zero tail. , Kheng Sun increased their marketing efforts and eventually, the machines were on job sites receiving many positive feedbacks. These drive a number of attention in various fields of application.

Despite their strength in the light equipment range of product offerings, Kheng Sun have successfully widen their portfolio with the addition of the compact equipment in this competitive industry.

In the Singapore construction business, both service and reliability play a very important factor . Wacker Neuson and Kheng Sun complement each other very well. Wacker Neuson provides extensive support to Kheng Sun not only in terms of product offering, but also customized solutions and services to cater to the customers’ needs. Mr. Toh added “Due to our common goals, we are able to penetrate into the market through reliable services, premium quality and innovative solutions.”

Wacker Neuson also provides a quarterly dealer training at our South East Asia headquarter in Singapore to train both sales and service team on the equipment and the know how to improve job site efficiency on construction sites.

Wacker Neuson awarded Kheng Sun as the first Compact Equipment dealer in the South and South East Asian region. Wacker Neuson strongly believes that a strong relationship and great teamwork are important to build the brand and partnership. This is also to ensure that the aftermarket service is rendered immediately and support is provided within the shortest time. Mr. Toh also agreed that they valued the importance of mutual support and common goals as Kheng Sun is relatively new to the after sales market. With the guidance and support from Wacker Neuson, Kheng Sun is able to establish the compact range into the South East Asian market. “Business is about calculated risk, so is either we move ahead or risk being left behind as the earth will continue turning without us. We work hard to create awareness through various activitiess like rental, training, product demonstrations, and the upcoming exhibitions in Singapore,” added Mr. Toh.